Visco Min 

Visco min was firstly manufactured by NASA to help astronaouts against to pressure during space travels. Visco min has a characteristic of decreasing pressure. Known as memory foam, memory cells get into motion and takes your body shape. Visco min minimize turning rate during sleeping. It helps eliminating of waist, dorsal, shoulder and neck aches.

Seeking for healthy and comfort sleep, Visco min is the mattress you are looking for. Unique address for travel to dream wold. If I tell you a secret, Visco min is extending lifetime.

Visco min is designed specially for your comfort. Thickness of mattres is perfect with high quality visco material. Material, having air cahannel technology and sensitive to body heat and pressure, takes your body shape. Height is designed by R&D department as 25 cm. for your comfort. Visco min cover is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mite washable velour fabric.

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